Let’s Interview: Modek

Nach dem großen Feedback zu unseren exklusiven Proxy-Interview, haben wir uns gedacht, dass man das doch öfter machen könnte. Warum dann nicht einfach einen aufstrebenden, erfolgreichen DJ/Producer interviewen?

Mit Modek, haben wir diese Kriterien übertroffen und haben ihn gefragt, was ihr vielleicht schon immer mal wissen wolltet. Spätestens nach seinem Track Quasimodo, sollte ihn jeder kennen und lieben gelernt haben. Er zeigt in diesem Interview, dass er auch mit Worten gut umgehen kann und nicht auf den Mund gefallen ist. Ich bin immer wieder positiv überrascht, was Belgien so hervorbringt! Für alle die jetzt schon mehr wollen: Es ist bereits ein weiteres Interview mit einem jungen, aufstrebendem Künstler in Arbeit!

It hasn’t been 6 months since we wrote the first time about you. Now you have your first remix on DIM MAK Records. Such a steep rise isn’t something you can see everyday. Are you yourself suprised?
Yeah I have to admit I’m pretty surprised myself. I’ve been producing for quite a while now, but all of the sudden things have really been taking off. I’m also very lucky to have some cool DJ buddies like Mustard Pimp and Don Rimini that support me the way they do and also to have a great agency backing me up. And hey, maybe you guys writing about me has something to do with it as well! Anyway, lots of stuff is coming and I’m very excited about it all! :):)

After many remixes for Guys n Dolls Records, it’s like you are a part of the inventary of this young label. Recently, to be exact on 28.05.2011, your latest remix was released. Can we expect a Modek EP and if yes: who’s going to remix it, if you can’t?
I’m really supportive of GND because they put out some class tunes, which is – sad to say – not that easy to find these days… I think that the remix for Wazabi is the only Modek Remix in the GND catalog though. So I wouldn’t say I’m part of the inventory per se :) You can definitely expect a Modek EP and I’m hoping to get it out there in a couple of months. But it won’t be on Guys N Dolls. It will be the first release on a spanking new label and will three original tracks and three remixers. We’re currently still negotiating two of the remixes, but one of them will be by Mustard Pimp!

Betray us some secrets: What do you like the most at a night in the club and what do you don’t like?
Well, this may or may not come as a surprise but I’ve never been ‚that guy that visits a club every week‘. So let’s talk about playing the clubs! I love to make people dance and I love it even more if they’re dancing to my own stuff. Also backstages are always awesome! Oh and I like DJ booths with a ventilator haha! I don’t like crappy MC’s (though I really love good ones!) and people coming to the booth requesting something „more commercial“ on their cell phones.

Was there ever a moment where you thought: „FUCK IT, I’ll stop making music.“ or was there ever a moment where you knew: „YES, that’s why I love what I do.“?
There was never a real ‚fuck it‘-moment no… I know this is the thing I love and want to keep on doing for a long while and as long as I’m not deaf I’ll keep on doing it! :) So that answers the other question as well. The most intense moments are during crazy sets like the one I played in Hungary and also some in Belgium. You just know you’ll want it to last as long as possible then.

Meanwhile you are a idol for some DJs/producers. What would you say to them and recommend?
I could list a number of things because I’ve learned a lot of my own ‚mistakes‘, but I think one of the most important pieces of advice is to accept feedback. When you finish a track or mixtape, send it to some friends or DJing/producing people you know and don’t expect all comments to be praise. Getting nice comments feels great but usually the bad ones are the ones you take with you and learn from. I really hate it when people I have never heard of send me a demo and I try to help them with some pointers and they reply: „Well I DO think it’s awesome“ … true story..

Is there a artist, which you would like to remix or with which you would like to start a collaboration?
Not really anyone in particular actually. I like to remix tracks, not artists. Of course, remixing a big name is always an honor, but I wouldn’t accept a remix request if I didn’t know what to do with it. That’s not always a bad thing though, because some tracks sound downright perfect but you just can’t find anything to use in an own interpretation… Regarding collabs, I’m a very difficult guy to work with :):) I like to try collabs and often start on something, but up until now I’ve never really hit it off with anyone… production-wise that is ;);)

Because we love to support young and unknown artists: Who should we keep in sight?
Just as I said in another interview: watch out for Etnik! I really like his style and sooner or later he’ll da bomb :):) Another one you have to keep an eye on is Slim Fit. He’s one of my best friends since I learned how to walk and he’ll be dropping a massive EP soon on Monkey See Monkey Do label. Other guys I’m supporting is everyone from Guys & Dolls and a whole lot more!

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