The Proxy im Exklusiv-Interview

Rechtzeitig ein Tag vor dem Zwischenstopp der Jägermeister Wirtshaus Tour im Kölner „Dom im Stapelhaus“, gibt es das passende Interview mit dem russischen Ausnahme-Artist The Proxy. Riesen Dank gilt natürlich Jägermeister, die das ganze eingefädelt haben, und natürlich Proxy himself für die Antworten. Ich hoffe einfach mal, dass viele oder sogar alle von euch Englisch sprechen und ihr somit mit dem englischen Interview keine Probleme haben werdet. Lange Rede kurzer Unsinn: Lest es euch durch und freut euch auf morgen. Die Gewinner unserer 2×2 Gästelistenplätze stehen mit diesem Post fest und wurden schon benachrichtigt. Für alle anderen: vielleicht klappt’s ja beim nächsten Mal.

Everyone knows you and your music. Introduce yourself anyway, please.
My name is Zhenya. Nothing special :) Just a russian guy.

You’ve got a unique sound, that everyone is able to recognize among 1000 tracks. But who guided you to your actual sound and who would you thank the most for your career?
Prodigy i guess! Like after them i started to listen different styles, and after them i got to know that there is no rules to make music.

You’ve produced remixes for giants on the scene such as Boys Noize, Digitalism and Moby. Who remains on your „to-remix“-list?
Thomas Von Party! bro of Tiga! He always knows which track in my remix will be great!

For the past years now there have been rumors in the entire blogosphere about your upcoming album. There was even a preview. Can we expect the album to be released in 2011 or do we have to wait another year?
2011 for sure!

With Raven, Vibrate and Dancing In The Dark – to name just to name a few – you have created true festival anthems that are still being played on repeat. Are there any of your tracks today that you don’t like anymore or do you still like all the tracks you produced?
Many of them i dont like anymore, but this happens with every producer i think. But for me people can always hear some new shit in my set :)

The Russians are known for their rough manners. Where is the difference between the Russian crowd and the European or American and where do you have the most fun playing?
Hhahaha. No. Nobody want to kill me in Russian club. And yes there is a small difference. People just starting to relax in the clubs in Russia. Crowd in Australia for example is very crazy

With your label Mako Records you support young artists that have their own special sound. Dj Antention, The Mould and The Noise Invaders are just a few of your battalion. Which artist should we also pay attention to and who will blow our minds with a new EP?
Check out „The W“ will out on vinyl by end of march! As Thomas sad „Its like Nine Inch Nails but Russian“ Can listen their „victim“ on repeat


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